Kit design

Kit boat construction has come a long way. The essential premise is that a profile based structure is broken down into pieces which incorporate features and functions that would normally be carried out as secondary processes. These profiles are cut out using a router, waterjet cutter or laser and shipped to the builder as labelled parts. Generally kits are designed to fit together with a high level of accuracy, and to facilitate construction using joining and clamping features. The arrival of reasonably priced CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) cutting facilities has allowed many companies to offer designs for home or professional build with extremely high levels of accuracy and with a wide range of features to aid the build, reduce the labour and improve the quality of the end product. Kit construction is often assumed to apply only to the amateur market, but more and more production builders are looking to create kits for interiors, plugs and jigs; dramatically reducing labour and wasted material and allowing for much simpler costings and work flow. Contact me for more information about how I could facilitate your build.