3D CAD modelling

I can provide a comprehensive and competitive 3D modelling service using the latest industry leading software. Computer Aided Design (CAD) benefits customers by being a high quality, high accuracy and accessible process. I use Rhinoceros 3D and Solidworks predominantly, but make use of other packages for specific tasks.

Three dimensional CAD modelling is a powerful design and realisation tool that is used in many industries to model and prototype objects, vehicles and buildings. 3D modelling software offers many advantages over traditional 2D design. Marine designers using 3D software are able to create virtual on-screen vessels which can be designed, assessed for fairness and hydrostatics, tested and structured, before generating information such as mould stations, profiles and volumes. Not only does it allow the client to remain informed at each stage of the design process, it is also very cost effective compared to traditional physical prototyping and can provide a reference benchmark for the eventual vessel. Additionally, it has the advantages of being easily modified in the event of changes and of providing high quality images of the prospective design to communicate with customers before the prototype has even been built.