My life has been spent sailing and working on and around boats, which has given me a comprehensive understanding of the practical implications of design. Based in Cornwall, I have a specific personal interest in traditional rig performance and I enjoy cruising and racing in a variety of boats.

I graduated from Southampton Institute with an Honours degree in Yacht Manufacture and Surveying. This was followed by four years working at Falmouth Marine School, teaching Boat Design and Production. I have been concentrating on marine design and particularly design and construction for many years, and have worked with a number of interesting customers, as well as designing and building boats for my own use.

My most recent build was of a modern/traditional engineless fishing boat, which I have successfully worked from my home in Cornwall. Design is both my interest and my profession, and is not limited to marine projects. I pride myself on innovation and accuracy, whilst remaining competitive on price. Please have a look around the site and contact me for information about how I could help you achieve your projects.